7 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

Is your home protected against the winter elements?

With temperatures in the Lower Mainland hitting the 0℃ mark this past week, it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for the colder weather coming our way.

While Environment Canada may be predicting a slightly warmer winter this year, let’s be honest: we still live in Canada. Even in BC’s Lower Mainland, we can expect wind, rain, frost, and snow.

Fortunately, there are some simple things we can do to prevent the worst of winter from taking a toll on our homes:

Check for leaks around doors and windows

Inspect and repair caulking around doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping. Learn more from BC Hydro about ways to heat your home efficiently and save on your energy bill!

Clean out your gutters

Clear out the fall leaves and other debris that have piled up in your gutters! Check your downspouts as well to make sure they’re free from blockages, and that water can easily flow through. This is crucial to ensure you’re properly managing the water outside of your house and keeping your basement dry.

Turn off outside faucets

Make sure to turn off outside faucets and disconnect your garden hose to prevent rupturing.  If your outside faucets have a habit of freezing, leave them dripping, as moving water is less likely to freeze.

Trim bushes and trees

Trees and bushes should be cut away from the house to reduce any damage caused by winter winds and storms. Make sure you’ve also trimmed around power lines to prevent power outages.

Pad exposed pipes in unheated areas

Water expands when it’s frozen, which can cause pipes to burst. Padding exposed pipe is an easy and cheap way to prevent potentially expensive damage from a flood.

Sweep your chimney before using it

A build-up of creosote inside your chimney, from past fires, can potentially cause a house fire if your chimney isn’t cleaned regularly. Even if you have a gas fireplace, your chimney should be checked — gas is a clean-burning fuel, but there could be an old nest or other debris blocking the chimney.

Be prepared for a power outage

There’s nothing more common than a day or two without electricity in winter — and you never know when that might end up being longer! Make sure you’re stocked up on batteries, candles, and emergency food supplies that don’t require cooking.

Here’s to a safe, happy, damage-free winter!

-The PPD Restorations Team

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