As a leading restoration service provider in the Lower Mainland, we take pride in providing the expertise and support to help our clients reclaim and renew their properties. As business and property owners ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of the importance of a timely restoration. We will ensure that your restoration is completed as quickly as possible so that your business or home life is minimally disrupted.

If your home or property has been damaged in a storm, fire, or other disaster, we have emergency restoration experts who are ready to help you. We will thoroughly assess the damage to your property and discuss your restoration options with you so you have a full understanding of the process. Once we begin, you will be amazed at the progress in the restoration of your property.

The most common causes of loss to homes and businesses that PPD Restoration provides services for are:

  • Water Damage from Flooding or Any Type of Burst Pipes or Hoses
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Wind, Storm and Weather Damage
  • Trees and Branches That Fall on Homes, Roofs or Businesses from Wind or Weather
  • Damage from Rodents, Pests or Other Animals
  • Dead Rodents or Animals Trapped in Walls or Attics Causing Odour
  • Water Leaks Through Roofs or into Basements
  • Sewer Back Ups Through Floor Drains or Toilets
  • Damaged Caused by Break and Enter or Burglary
  • Damage Caused by Vandalism
  • Medical Trauma Including Blood and Bodily Fluids