We understand that the decisions we make as a company have an impact on the ecological, social, cultural, and economic environment in which we live and carry out business. PPD Restorations has developed a sustainability policy and corporate sustainability commitment because we believe the largest area of opportunity for us to make a positive impact relates to the natural environment. We feel very fortunate to live and work in one of the world’s most beautiful natural areas and we want to operate a profitable company that encourages economic prosperity in our region while ensuring long term ecological stability for our children.

Sustainability Commitment Statement

“PPD Restorations will follow our corporate sustainability policy and incorporate the principals of environmental stewardship in our operations. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our business practices while contributing to the economic, social and ecological health of the planet.”

Definition of a Sustainable Restoration Company

We believe a sustainable restoration company is one that:

  • Reuses, Recycles and Diverts All Waste Materials from Landfills Whenever Possible
  • Limits Emissions and Waste Wherever Possible by Minimizing the Use of Non-renewable Resources
  • Practices a Purchasing Policy That Focuses on Choosing Green Products

Our corporate sustainability policy can be found here

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